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I take temazepan 30mg. and recently was injected with lupron because of prostate cancer. in the ... Apr, 23, 2017
Hello everyone. my husband has been fighting prostrate cancer for over a year now. he had ... Feb, 03, 2017
I took lupron for 6 months after i had endometrial surgery. i have just been diagnosed with ... Jan, 19, 2017
Have been administered monthly lupron shots for 1 and have another year of monthly injections ... Jan, 12, 2017
My sister recently took lupron and had an ischaemic stroke. i am joining this group for her as ... Jan, 09, 2017
Hi! i'm in treatmant with lupron depot 3.75 , i have monthly shot, but my doctor sended me blood ... Aug, 22, 2016
In 1999 at the age of 73 i received two lupron injections in my butt arc during the course of ... Aug, 09, 2016
I am a general interest and care for a patient with prostate cancer. soon, days after his first ... Jul, 07, 2016
Hello, i just started on lupron less than a week ago,and im having horrible nightmares. im ... Jun, 13, 2016
I'm a 68-year old prostate cancer patient, 6 months into a 12-month course of lupron. my ... Jun, 12, 2016
I am 80 years old and have been on lupron shots for 7 or 8 years. i had a radical prostatectomy ... Jun, 02, 2016
I am a t3 prostate cancer patient. i am on lupron for 6 months and find my wbc count become very ... Jun, 02, 2016
As someone who took lupron 26 years ago when fabricated into a so-called clinical trial; i can ... May, 14, 2016
I am 72 yrs. old and have been on lupron for 5 1/2 months for prostate cancer and have been ... Mar, 29, 2016
My father had lupron shots for prostate cancer in feb 2015. he developed ipf symptoms in june, ... Mar, 14, 2016
Hello, i am actually looking for some information for my dad, who has had parkinson's for nearly ... Feb, 03, 2016
I would like to know the number of people who have developed peripheral neuropathy after taking ... Jan, 24, 2016
My father has myasthenia gravis and just found out he has prostate cancer which his doctor wants ... Jan, 23, 2016
Hi i have been diagnosed with intracraninal hypertension a few years ago ihave been struggling ... Dec, 15, 2015
My brother was 54 years old. on this medicine for prostrate cancer doing great died suddenly ... Dec, 05, 2015
Had an injection of lupron on sept. 9, 2015 prior to radiation therapy for prostate cancer. ... Nov, 21, 2015
My father had the lupron depot injection and the next day he woke up couldn't speak or move.... ... Sep, 18, 2015
My prostrate cancer goes back possibly 20 to 25 years ago. :-) 5 to 6 years ago mri showed ... Aug, 28, 2015
I am joining so i can assist my father and find out details about his lupron treatment and how ... Aug, 27, 2015
Hi everyone, i just started lupron injections about 5 days ago and i am having horrifying ... Jul, 20, 2015
Radical prostatectomy in nov 2009, 39 radiation treatments in jan of 2014, and three 3-month ... Jul, 13, 2015
Mylupron was started 6/4/14 with a 12 month dose. my ataxia started late in the year and seems ... Mar, 09, 2015
I work outside and since i started on lupron 6 months ago i have had really bad problems with my ... Feb, 24, 2015

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