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Hello. im a migraine regular 😵 i take maxalt and have just been to health shop and was advised ... Jul, 17, 2016
I have a macro prolactinoma. i am currently taking cabergoline and maxalt when needed as also ... Jun, 25, 2016
Hello, i take maxalt regularly and have been for migraines for close to 10 years. i am 51 and ... Nov, 24, 2015
Married to my lovely wife, but have to take maxalt for my migraines and my libido has ... Oct, 11, 2015
I have been taking maxalt for migraines. i have noticed a cough since taking it. it worsens when ... May, 02, 2015
I find maxalt helps the frequent pain flareups of my allodynia. the allodynia predates maxalt ... Feb, 28, 2015

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