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I want to read some experiance of using phosfatidylserine to eliminate migraine.i'm new in the ... May, 29, 2017
I have had headaches daily for the past 10 years and within the past 6 years they have gotten ... May, 22, 2017
I have had headaches daily for the past 10 years and within the past 6 years they have gotten ... May, 22, 2017
After 1 week on atenolo i started feeling bad. after 3 weeks i thought i was going to pass out ... May, 20, 2017
Just started on protonix about 3 weeks ago and every day for the last week i have had a severe ... May, 13, 2017
Hello everyone! i have been trying to figure out what has caused my onset of incredibly ... Apr, 21, 2017
Just started januvia. was getting dizzy after taking it, then saw colored lights and got ... Apr, 19, 2017
Hi, i am having trouble posting on this site. i was just wondering if migraine like pain is a ... Mar, 30, 2017
Hi, i was prescribed nucynta three days ago. so far, just a bit of pain relief, but now i am ... Mar, 30, 2017
I have to filter my tap water for the past three years after discovering that fluoride causes my ... Mar, 29, 2017
Hi, my sister had a prolia shot about two weeks ago and has searing headaches ever since. 2 ... Mar, 26, 2017
5 days of severe head ache and hiccups 4-6x per day, sometimes a minute or two, other times more ... Mar, 12, 2017
Been taking amlodipine but my hair is falling out bad doctor switch me to mixoxdil yesterday ... Dec, 22, 2016
I have been taking frova for years for migraines,i have been noticing a lot of things happening ... Sep, 15, 2016
Have been a migraine sufferer for many years. my migraines are so bad that i have given up work ... Aug, 20, 2016
I have been struggling with chronic headaches for 15 years and for the last 5 years i have been ... Aug, 10, 2016
Been taking tolterodine four mounths developed upset stomach bloating and have had some bad ... Jul, 26, 2016
Hello. i was recently diagnosed with cvi in my legs, but i'm sure they are not the only veins in ... Jul, 20, 2016
I used to suffer from horrible migraines. i went through the gamut of hormone treatment to ... Jul, 16, 2016
I'm 45 and have had horrible migraines since i was 11. i've also got spina bifida occulta and ... Jul, 16, 2016
Hello,,,,,,,i am a 40-year migraine sufferer,, tried lots of different medications & treatments ... Jul, 14, 2016
Hi, i'm desperately trying to get a diagnosis and treatment for prinzmetal angina but have had ... Jun, 27, 2016
Hello. my name is tammy,i'm 51yrs old and have had migraines most of my life. as i get ... Jun, 13, 2016
I am a 60 year old woman with a history of migraine since 2004. i have had infrequent bouts of ... Jun, 04, 2016
Hi, my name is christine and i have been taking methotrexate for about 2 years now. my ra ... Mar, 04, 2016
Have had 4 zoladex injections, now stopped as have developed chronic migraines. have now had ... Mar, 01, 2016
Hello, i'm 59 year old woman and i've been taking fosamax for the last three months going on ... Nov, 10, 2015
Switched from warfarin to eliquis. 8 days later had most intense migraine aura in my ... Nov, 10, 2015
Hi i'm denise. been dx with colitis about 1yr ago and took sulfasalazine with no problems. well ... Oct, 09, 2015
I have suffered from migraines for over 25 years. i take ambien when i have a migraine that ... Oct, 03, 2015
I am a 67 year old man who was diagnosed with asthma around the same time that i moved into my ... Aug, 22, 2015
Hi, i am a 22 y/o female from bc, canada. i have lowlands syndrome and suffer from severe ... Jul, 22, 2015
My dad is having severe migraines while having to be in hospital on his tyvaso. they have tried ... Jun, 15, 2015
I began passing a kidney stone 8 days ago. my dr. prescribed flomax this week to relax the ... May, 25, 2015
Colonoscopy two weeks ago and almost ever since, i. have had vertigo and migraines. got a shot ... Apr, 04, 2015
Hi, my name is candie and i stepped on glass 8yrs ago and that is when my life took a wrong turn ... Mar, 17, 2015

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