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Hi im writing to say in 2015 i had neck surgery prior to this i went to a dr that really did not ... May, 24, 2017
Hi all. i'm concerned. it been taking norco for the past 7 months almost on a daily basis i ... May, 03, 2017
Hi, i started taking narco 7/325 about a year ago i recently switched doctors and he started me ... Apr, 28, 2017
My name is cindy, 54, and i am taking several medications to prevent afib and help blood ... Mar, 24, 2017
I've been on pain meds for many years now. i just turned 32 and experience short term memory ... Mar, 22, 2017
I have extremely dry eyes that really is so uncomfortable. i'm on restasis but it's not helping ... Mar, 11, 2017
I am starting saxenda today....i am concerned with interactions with the norco i take for pain. ... Feb, 20, 2017
I switched from norco to vicoprofen and my bilirubin stabilized. it was the acetaminophen ... Feb, 17, 2017
Taking norco for approximately 2 years. i have had 6 heart bypasses, illeostomy, heart attack, 1 ... Jan, 03, 2017
Hi just wanted to see if anyone had the awful insomnia i have yes been taking norco for a long ... Dec, 02, 2016
Hi, i'm 45 years old and i was put on the fentanyl 50mcq patches for chronic pain a little over ... Nov, 11, 2016
Hi i've been suffering with burning mouth syndrome for about a year. i've seen multiple doctors ... Nov, 02, 2016
About two weeks after beginning zetia, i started to have severe itching after a shower. it also ... Oct, 20, 2016
Hello, my name is alexandra and i've been struggling for four years now with different symptom ... Aug, 09, 2016
Iv been having gallbladder problems and was prescribed norcos for the pain and every time i take ... Aug, 08, 2016
Been on norco 10 for 3 plus yrs and shortly after taking a dose i feel normal (active) but then ... Jul, 31, 2016
I had an aneurysm ( brain bleed due to a thin artery in a major artery ) 2006., 2 years ago i ... Jul, 26, 2016
I had an aneurysm ( brain bleed due to a thin artery in a major artery ) 2006., 2 years ago i ... Jul, 26, 2016
I have been on norco 10-325 in increasing doses for almost 5 years due to a cervical spine ... Jul, 20, 2016
I take norco for a torn rotator cuff. in the last 2 weeks my face has blown up with a horrible ... Jun, 30, 2016
4back surgeries, avn of hip, neck issues, currently using crutches due to hip and my wrist hurt ... Jun, 18, 2016
Hello, i have taken pain meds for over 10 years for chronic pain. just the last two years i have ... Jun, 13, 2016
As of today, i am a 64 year old female and been on 20-25 mg norco/day for 5-6 years. this past ... Jun, 06, 2016
I'm 29, have been taking norco for 7 years now for my back, i've had carpal tunnel for 2 years ... May, 31, 2016
I've been steady having an increase of shortness of breath and a light went off after taking my ... May, 20, 2016
I have kyphosis and have been taking norco for almost 5-6 years now. at first it was for a ... Apr, 06, 2016
Been taking this for 7 months for awful chronic back pain, noticed short term memory loss. it ... Feb, 13, 2016
I've had 3 level lumbar fusion and neck fusion c3-4. also had neuro stimulator implanted for ... Feb, 08, 2016
Hi, my name is jean and i have been on and off norco for pain for about 5 years. i will only ... Feb, 04, 2016
Hello- i have been taking norco (10/325) for about 4 years. (4x/day). i just began experiencing ... Feb, 04, 2016
Been on norco for a few months as a result of pinched nerve in back. had laminectomy 14 months ... Jan, 29, 2016
My wife had a stroke within hours of taking norco. just trying to see if others had a similar ... Jan, 26, 2016
I speak from study of my wife who has serious effects of dysautomomia closely seen as possibly ... Jan, 12, 2016
I am taking norco to ease the pain of a fracture in my back. i am very emotional and cry at ... Dec, 16, 2015
Hi i'm bob my alp increased from normal range to 391 in 9 months..i've used norco for several ... Oct, 16, 2015
Hi. i've had spinal stenosis for 6 years. and avasuclar necrosis for the same amount of time. i ... Sep, 03, 2015
I take norco 10/325 4x's a day for psoriatic arthritis. i, also, take methotrexate weekly. ... Jul, 15, 2015
Hello to all i don't know if anyone can relate to my story but i'm very thankful that i found ... Jul, 01, 2015
My wife has dementia in initial stages. she was hospitalized lately and given one dose of norco. ... Jun, 04, 2015
I did not have the chiari 1 last year on an mri but this year i have one on my latest ct scan. i ... May, 15, 2015
Hi! first timer. just wondered how others experiences are taking these meds together. any input ... Feb, 21, 2015

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