Could your drug cause Urinary frequency or urgency?

Drug Number of Urinary frequency or urgency reports
A-beta-carotene 1
A-beta-carotene (expanded source) 1
Abilify n/a
Abilify (expanded source) 4
Acetazolamide 1
Acetazolamide (expanded source) n/a
Acyclovir n/a
Acyclovir (expanded source) 3
Adderall 10 n/a
Adderall 10 (expanded source) 3
Adderall 20 n/a
Adderall 20 (expanded source) 7
Adderall 30 n/a
Adderall 30 (expanded source) 3
Adderall xr 20 1
Adderall xr 20 (expanded source) n/a
Adderall xr 25 1
Adderall xr 25 (expanded source) n/a
Adderall xr 30 1
Adderall xr 30 (expanded source) 2
Aggrenox 1
Aggrenox (expanded source) n/a
Agnus-castus 1
Agnus-castus (expanded source) n/a
Allegra n/a
Allegra (expanded source) 1
Ambien cr 1
Ambien cr (expanded source) n/a
Amiodarone hydrochloride n/a
Amiodarone hydrochloride (expanded source) 1
Amlodipine n/a
Amlodipine (expanded source) 10
Amlodipine besylate n/a
Amlodipine besylate (expanded source) 6
Armour thyroid n/a
Armour thyroid (expanded source) 2
Aspirin n/a
Aspirin (expanded source) 18
Atenolol n/a
Atenolol (expanded source) 11
Ativan n/a
Ativan (expanded source) 3
Atorvastatin calcium n/a
Atorvastatin calcium (expanded source) 7
Augmentin n/a
Augmentin (expanded source) 1
Avapro 1
Avapro (expanded source) n/a
Avodart 1
Avodart (expanded source) n/a
Avonex 1
Avonex (expanded source) n/a
Azithromycin n/a
Azithromycin (expanded source) 2
B12 n/a
B12 (expanded source) 2
B-12 1
B-12 (expanded source) n/a
Baclofen n/a
Baclofen (expanded source) 10
Bactrim n/a
Bactrim (expanded source) 5
Bactrim ds n/a
Bactrim ds (expanded source) 3
B complex vitamin n/a
B complex vitamin (expanded source) 3
Belsomra n/a
Belsomra (expanded source) 1
Benicar n/a
Benicar (expanded source) 1
Benicar hct 1
Benicar hct (expanded source) n/a
Bisoprolol fumarate n/a
Bisoprolol fumarate (expanded source) 1
Bisoprolol fumarate and hydrochlorothiazide 1
Bisoprolol fumarate and hydrochlorothiazide (expanded source) n/a
Black cohosh 1
Black cohosh (expanded source) n/a
Brimonidine tartrate 1
Brimonidine tartrate (expanded source) n/a
Bromocriptine mesylate 1
Bromocriptine mesylate (expanded source) n/a
Bronkaid mist n/a
Bronkaid mist (expanded source) 1
Bupropion hydrochloride n/a
Bupropion hydrochloride (expanded source) 6
Buscopan n/a
Buscopan (expanded source) 1
Buspar n/a
Buspar (expanded source) 7
Calcium n/a
Calcium (expanded source) 5
Calcium d - glucarate 3
Calcium d - glucarate (expanded source) n/a
Cannabis 1
Cannabis (expanded source) n/a
Cardizem cd 1
Cardizem cd (expanded source) n/a
Carvedilol n/a
Carvedilol (expanded source) 6