Conditions associated with Abdomen - swollen?

Condition Number of reports
Acid reflux n/a
Add n/a
Adhd n/a
Allergies n/a
Anemia - b12 deficiency n/a
Anxiety n/a
Anxiety and stress n/a
Anxiety disorder n/a
Arthritis n/a
Ascites n/a
Asthenia n/a
Asthma n/a
Atrial fibrillation n/a
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) n/a
Bipolar 2 n/a
Bipolar disorder n/a
Blood pressure abnormal n/a
Bronchial asthma n/a
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease n/a
Constipation n/a
Depression n/a
Depression - major n/a
Edema n/a
Endometriosis n/a
Fibromyalgia n/a
Gerd n/a
Heroin abuse n/a
Hypertension n/a
Hypothyroid n/a
Insomnia n/a
Lose weight n/a
Low thyroid n/a
Migraine n/a
Migrainous neuralgia 1
Mixed tension migraine n/a
Mood disorder due to a general medical condition 1
Mood stabilizer 1
Multi-vitamin deficiency 1
Muscle contractions involuntary 1
Nausea and vomiting n/a
Neurotic depression (dysthymia) n/a
Nonspecific back pain 1
Obesity n/a
Pain n/a
Pain exacerbated n/a
Panic disorder n/a
Pneumonia n/a
Psoriatic arthritis n/a
Renal rickets 2
Rickets 2

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