Conditions associated with Cellular immunity?

Condition Number of reports
Acid reflux n/a
Acid reflux (expanded source) 1
Acute sinusitis 1
Acute sinusitis (expanded source) n/a
Allergic reactions 1
Allergic reactions (expanded source) n/a
Allergy 1
Allergy (expanded source) n/a
Allergy testing 1
Allergy testing (expanded source) n/a
Anxiety disorder 1
Anxiety disorder (expanded source) n/a
Bipolar disorder n/a
Bipolar disorder (expanded source) 1
Birth control 1
Birth control (expanded source) n/a
Gad 1
Gad (expanded source) n/a
Generalized anxiety disorder 1
Generalized anxiety disorder (expanded source) n/a
Immune status 1
Immune status (expanded source) n/a
Sleeplessness 1
Sleeplessness (expanded source) n/a