Conditions associated with Hair loss in women?

Condition Number of reports
Acid reflux n/a
Acne vulgaris n/a
Add n/a
Adhd n/a
Adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood n/a
Adult acne n/a
A-fib n/a
Alcohol dependence n/a
Alcoholism n/a
Allergies n/a
Allergy n/a
Alopecia areata n/a
Androgenic alopecia in women n/a
Anxiety n/a
Anxiety disorder n/a
Arrhythmia n/a
Arthritis n/a
Arthritis - psoriatic n/a
Artificial menopause n/a
Asthma n/a
Asthma aggravated n/a
Asthma late onset n/a
Atrial fibrillation n/a
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) n/a
Back pain - low n/a
Bipolar n/a
Bipolar 1 n/a
Bipolar ii disorder n/a
Bipolar mania n/a
Birth control n/a
Blood pressure abnormal n/a
Blood pressure - high n/a
Borderline personality disorder n/a
Brain damage n/a
Bursitis n/a
Cancer n/a
Chronic depression n/a
Chronic hepatitis n/a
Chronic insomnia n/a
Chronic pain n/a
Colitis ulcerative n/a
Constipation n/a
Copd n/a
Deficiency - folic acid, folic acid deficiency 1
Depression 1
Depression - chronic n/a
Depression - major n/a
Diabetes n/a
Diabetes mellitus n/a
Diabetic type 2 n/a