Conditions associated with Rectal bleeding?

Condition Number of reports
Acid reflux n/a
Acid reflux (expanded source) 20
Acne n/a
Acne (expanded source) 5
Acute myeloid leukaemia 1
Acute myeloid leukaemia (expanded source) n/a
Add n/a
Add (expanded source) 18
Adhd n/a
Adhd (expanded source) 18
Allergic sinusitis n/a
Allergic sinusitis (expanded source) 1
Ankylosing spondylitis n/a
Ankylosing spondylitis (expanded source) 3
Asthma n/a
Asthma (expanded source) 5
Atrial fibrillation n/a
Atrial fibrillation (expanded source) 4
Bipolar 1 n/a
Bipolar 1 (expanded source) 3
Birth control n/a
Birth control (expanded source) 9
Bladder discomfort n/a
Bladder discomfort (expanded source) 1
Blood pressure - high 1
Blood pressure - high (expanded source) n/a
Blood pressure increased 1
Blood pressure increased (expanded source) n/a
Breast infection n/a
Breast infection (expanded source) 1
Bronchitis n/a
Bronchitis (expanded source) 3
Cellulitis n/a
Cellulitis (expanded source) 1
Cerebral infarction 1
Cerebral infarction (expanded source) n/a
Chronic gastritis n/a
Chronic gastritis (expanded source) 1
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease n/a
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (expanded source) 1
Crohns disease n/a
Crohns disease (expanded source) 3
Depression 1
Depression (expanded source) 45
Diabetes n/a
Diabetes (expanded source) 6
Epilepsy n/a
Epilepsy (expanded source) 3
Erectile dysfunction n/a
Erectile dysfunction (expanded source) 1
Fatigue n/a
Fatigue (expanded source) 3
Genital herpes n/a
Genital herpes (expanded source) 1
Gout n/a
Gout (expanded source) 3
Hbp 1
Hbp (expanded source) n/a
Headaches n/a
Headaches (expanded source) 7
Heart attack n/a
Heart attack (expanded source) 3
Heart rate irregular n/a
Heart rate irregular (expanded source) 1
Herpes simplex n/a
Herpes simplex (expanded source) 1
Hiatal hernia n/a
Hiatal hernia (expanded source) 1
Hiatus hernia 1
Hiatus hernia (expanded source) 1
High blood cholesterol n/a
High blood cholesterol (expanded source) 25
High blood glucose n/a
High blood glucose (expanded source) 1
High blood pressure 1
High blood pressure (expanded source) 41
High cholesterol n/a
High cholesterol (expanded source) 25
High density lipoprotein increased n/a
High density lipoprotein increased (expanded source) 1
Hypertension 1
Hypertension (expanded source) 41
Hyperthyroidism n/a
Hyperthyroidism (expanded source) 1
Hypothyroidism n/a
Hypothyroidism (expanded source) 10
Indigestion n/a
Indigestion (expanded source) 4
Insomnia n/a
Insomnia (expanded source) 8
Lethargy n/a
Lethargy (expanded source) 3
Lyme disease n/a
Lyme disease (expanded source) 1
Major depressive disorder n/a
Major depressive disorder (expanded source) 7
Menstrual cramps n/a
Menstrual cramps (expanded source) 2
Menstrual periods - heavy, prolonged, or irregular 1
Menstrual periods - heavy, prolonged, or irregular (expanded source) n/a