Conditions associated with Syncope?

Condition Number of reports
21-hydroxylase deficiency 4
21-hydroxylase deficiency (expanded source) 4
5q minus syndrome 3
5q minus syndrome (expanded source) 3
Abasia 3
Abasia (expanded source) 3
Abdominal cramps 54
Abdominal cramps (expanded source) 55
Abdominal discomfort 73
Abdominal discomfort (expanded source) 74
Abdominal distension 7
Abdominal distension (expanded source) n/a
Abdominal hysterectomy 7
Abdominal hysterectomy (expanded source) n/a
Abdominal neoplasm 2
Abdominal neoplasm (expanded source) n/a
Abdominal pain 55
Abdominal pain (expanded source) 56
Abdominal pain upper 41
Abdominal pain upper (expanded source) n/a
Abdominal rigidity 1
Abdominal rigidity (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal behavior 26
Abnormal behavior (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal behaviour 27
Abnormal behaviour (expanded source) 27
Abnormal dreams 2
Abnormal dreams (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal faeces 2
Abnormal faeces (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal heart rhythms 229
Abnormal heart rhythms (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal labor 1
Abnormal labor (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal labour 1
Abnormal labour (expanded source) 1
Abortion 5
Abortion (expanded source) 5
Abortion induced 138
Abortion induced (expanded source) 138
Abortion spontaneous 3
Abortion spontaneous (expanded source) n/a
Abscess 6
Abscess (expanded source) 7
Abscess bacterial 1
Abscess bacterial (expanded source) n/a
Abscess oral 3
Abscess oral (expanded source) 3
Abscess - skin 2
Abscess - skin (expanded source) n/a
Abscess - tooth 57
Abscess - tooth (expanded source) n/a
Accidental exposure 2
Accidental exposure (expanded source) 2
Accident at work 5
Accident at work (expanded source) n/a
Acidosis 2
Acidosis (expanded source) n/a
Acidosis - respiratory 4
Acidosis - respiratory (expanded source) 4
Acid reflux 658
Acid reflux (expanded source) 688
Acne 233
Acne (expanded source) 241
Acne cystic 21
Acne cystic (expanded source) 21
Acne rosacea 16
Acne rosacea (expanded source) n/a
Acquired bronchiectasis 22
Acquired bronchiectasis (expanded source) 23
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome 1
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (expanded source) n/a
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome 1
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (expanded source) 1
Acromegaly 75
Acromegaly (expanded source) n/a
Actinic cheilitis n/a
Actinic cheilitis (expanded source) 1
Actinic keratosis 6
Actinic keratosis (expanded source) n/a
Activated partial thromboplastin time prolonged 1
Activated partial thromboplastin time prolonged (expanded source) n/a
Activity - increased n/a
Activity - increased (expanded source) 1
Acute bacterial tracheitis 4
Acute bacterial tracheitis (expanded source) n/a
Acute brain syndrome 5
Acute brain syndrome (expanded source) n/a
Acute coronary syndrome 75
Acute coronary syndrome (expanded source) n/a
Acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis 1
Acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis (expanded source) n/a
Acute hiv infection 1
Acute hiv infection (expanded source) 1
Acute idiopathic polyneuritis 2
Acute idiopathic polyneuritis (expanded source) n/a
Acute kidney failure 28
Acute kidney failure (expanded source) n/a
Acute leukaemia 5
Acute leukaemia (expanded source) n/a