Conditions associated with Vascular dementia?

Condition Number of reports
Abdominal cramps 4
Abdominal cramps (expanded source) n/a
Abdominal discomfort 20
Abdominal discomfort (expanded source) n/a
Abdominal hysterectomy 2
Abdominal hysterectomy (expanded source) n/a
Abdominal pain 4
Abdominal pain (expanded source) n/a
Abdominal pain upper 8
Abdominal pain upper (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal behavior 20
Abnormal behavior (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal behaviour 20
Abnormal behaviour (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal dreams 3
Abnormal dreams (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal faeces 1
Abnormal faeces (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal heart rhythms 36
Abnormal heart rhythms (expanded source) n/a
Abnormal loss of weight 1
Abnormal loss of weight (expanded source) n/a
Abortion induced 1
Abortion induced (expanded source) n/a
Abscess 2
Abscess (expanded source) n/a
Acarodermatitis 3
Acarodermatitis (expanded source) n/a
Accidental exposure 1
Accidental exposure (expanded source) n/a
Accidental needle stick 4
Accidental needle stick (expanded source) n/a
Acidosis 2
Acidosis (expanded source) n/a
Acidosis - respiratory 1
Acidosis - respiratory (expanded source) n/a
Acid reflux 145
Acid reflux (expanded source) n/a
Acinetobacter infection 1
Acinetobacter infection (expanded source) n/a
Acne 10
Acne (expanded source) n/a
Acne rosacea 1
Acne rosacea (expanded source) n/a
Acne vulgaris 10
Acne vulgaris (expanded source) n/a
Acquired bronchiectasis 5
Acquired bronchiectasis (expanded source) n/a
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome 2
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (expanded source) n/a
Acromegaly 7
Acromegaly (expanded source) n/a
Actinic keratosis 1
Actinic keratosis (expanded source) n/a
Acute brain syndrome 18
Acute brain syndrome (expanded source) n/a
Acute brain syndrome, acute confusional state, delirium 19
Acute brain syndrome, acute confusional state, delirium (expanded source) n/a
Acute childhood leukemia 9
Acute childhood leukemia (expanded source) n/a
Acute confusional state 18
Acute confusional state (expanded source) n/a
Acute coronary syndrome 7
Acute coronary syndrome (expanded source) n/a
Acute kidney failure 7
Acute kidney failure (expanded source) n/a
Acute leukaemia 1
Acute leukaemia (expanded source) n/a
Acute lymphoblastic anemia 9
Acute lymphoblastic anemia (expanded source) n/a
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia 9
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (expanded source) 9
Acute lymphocytic leukaemia 9
Acute lymphocytic leukaemia (expanded source) n/a
Acute lymphocytic leukemia (all) 9
Acute lymphocytic leukemia (all) (expanded source) n/a
Acute mi 6
Acute mi (expanded source) n/a
Acute myeloid leukaemia 6
Acute myeloid leukaemia (expanded source) n/a
Acute myocardial infarction 3
Acute myocardial infarction (expanded source) n/a
Acute promyelocytic leukaemia 1
Acute promyelocytic leukaemia (expanded source) n/a
Acute upper airway obstruction 1
Acute upper airway obstruction (expanded source) n/a
Add 8
Add (expanded source) n/a
Adenocarcinoma 4
Adenocarcinoma (expanded source) n/a
Adenocarcinoma pancreas 1
Adenocarcinoma pancreas (expanded source) n/a
Adenosquamous cell lung cancer 1
Adenosquamous cell lung cancer (expanded source) n/a
Adhd 8
Adhd (expanded source) n/a
Adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood 1
Adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood (expanded source) n/a
Adrenocortical carcinoma 1
Adrenocortical carcinoma (expanded source) n/a