FAQs of eHealthMe

eHealthMe enables everyone to access and run phase IV clinical trials to monitor drug safety and effectiveness. We use proprietary algorithms to analyze outcomes of most drugs and supplements on the market since 2008. The data is obtained from a number of sources including the FDA and the CDC. Our original real-world studies have been referenced on 600+ medical publications.

eHealthMe does NOT provide medical advice.

We get this often. Sometimes diagnosis and/or underlying reasons for taking a drug are listed in the results. Other times the results (e.g. cancer) seem too much to be caused by a drug.

By no means our studies assert causal relationships exist, but rather make aware and suggest further discussion between patients and their healthcare providers. Also, we don't work on our aggregated results to make them look non "misleading". We show what we gather (after typical data cleansing), and believe aggregation then segmentation will reveal the true relevance of data. When a diagnosis (and/or its symptoms) of a drug is listed in the results, one of the common reasons is that the meds are not effective (besides other issues). So the underlying reasons and/or symptoms could be reported as adverse events. Furthermore, when they occur drug interactions could either reduce or increase the effect of one or other drugs, or could produce a different, new effect.

To wrap this up, precisely the lack of clinical trials or the impossibilities to run trials of an exhaustive list of drug interactions prompts eHealthMe to make use of medical big data.

eHealthMe is running millions of phase IV clinical trials. Most of them are freely accessible to the public. The revenue will be used to maintain and keep improving our services.

Payments can be waived for people who have financial needs, as eHealthMe's mission to transform our health care system to be more transparent, safer, and less expensive. Please contact us for more details here.

If the study your want is a paid one and requires premium membership, follow the instructions to become a premium member.

Payment for a premium member is one time and good for life. As a preimium member, you can read ALL studies (paid or not) on eHealthMe.

First login, then navigate to the study.

Option 1: use the search box on the top of the site

To find a side effect, enter a drug and a side effect, or enter 2 drugs for interactions between the 2 drugs.

Option 2: use "Drugs A-Z" (up on the menu or click here) to browse a drug

After you are at the homepage of a drug, scroll down to the 2 lists of all side effects and all drug interactions, then browse to the study you want.

Option 1: start your own phase IV clinical trial

If you have not done yet, use "Register" (up on the menu or click here) to sign up, then fill up and maintain your Profile. We will keep you updated based on your profile.

Option 2: use interactive "Tools" (up on the menu or click here)

After you get to the homepage of Health Tools, choose a tool that you want.

eHealthMe does NOT provide medical advice. However, you can use our interactive tools (click here), or start your own personal phase IV clinical trial (click here) to find out what people like you experienced with your new drug combination, and then use the information to help in your decision making.

Yes, better yet, you can start your own clinical trial. Simply register (click here) and maintain your profile. You will get updates as we continuously gather data from people like you, and then compare yours.

After login, go to "Account" up on the menu, then click "Cancel account" and follow the instructions.

Yes. All studies on eHealthMe are original, and created by eHealthMe. If you publish results obtained with eHealthMe, please acknowledge it with a citation: study title, URL link, accessed date.

Yes. If you want to report a side effect, please use this tool.

Do you have other questions? Contact us here.