Could your drug cause Painful response to normal stimuli?

Drug Number of Painful response to normal stimuli reports
Acetylsalicylic acid 1
Acetylsalicylic acid (expanded source) 1
Advil n/a
Advil (expanded source) 1
Albuterol sulfate n/a
Albuterol sulfate (expanded source) 1
Baclofen n/a
Baclofen (expanded source) 1
Benicar hct n/a
Benicar hct (expanded source) 1
Bupivacaine 1
Bupivacaine (expanded source) 1
Celestone 2
Celestone (expanded source) n/a
Cetirizine hydrochloride allergy 1
Cetirizine hydrochloride allergy (expanded source) 1
Diflucan 2
Diflucan (expanded source) n/a
Effexor 1
Effexor (expanded source) 4
Effexor xr 1
Effexor xr (expanded source) 4
Fentanyl-25 n/a
Fentanyl-25 (expanded source) 1
Fioricet w/ codeine n/a
Fioricet w/ codeine (expanded source) 1
Flaxseed oil n/a
Flaxseed oil (expanded source) 1
Isoniazid 1
Isoniazid (expanded source) 1
Ketoprofen n/a
Ketoprofen (expanded source) 1
Levoxyl n/a
Levoxyl (expanded source) 1
Lisinopril n/a
Lisinopril (expanded source) 1
Marcaine 1
Marcaine (expanded source) 1
Morphine 1
Morphine (expanded source) 2
Morphine sulfate 1
Morphine sulfate (expanded source) 2
Neurontin n/a
Neurontin (expanded source) 3
Omeprazole n/a
Omeprazole (expanded source) 2
Patanol n/a
Patanol (expanded source) 1
Prednisolone 2
Prednisolone (expanded source) 3
Protonix n/a
Protonix (expanded source) 1
Reopro 1
Reopro (expanded source) n/a
Rezulin 1
Rezulin (expanded source) 1
Senna n/a
Senna (expanded source) 1
Spiriva 2
Spiriva (expanded source) 2
Symbicort 2
Symbicort (expanded source) 2
Ventolin 2
Ventolin (expanded source) n/a
Wellbutrin 2
Wellbutrin (expanded source) n/a
Wellbutrin xl 1
Wellbutrin xl (expanded source) 1
Zocor 1
Zocor (expanded source) n/a